Happy 10th Anniversary, Westside!

It took three years and four months of building work to create this genuine masterpiece of architecture. 11,000 metric tons of steel went into its construction, in other words a thousand tons more than was needed to build the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Westside – Europe’s most modern shopping and leisure center – was handed over to the public on 8 October 2008. Westside features 55 shops with a total retail space of 23,500 square meters, ten restaurants, a water-world, a fitness & wellness area, eleven cinemas with a total capacity of 2,400 seats, a hotel, and a senior citizens’ home with 95 apartments.

There are lots of attractive offers to mark the anniversary year.

Take a look behind the scenes in the company of some of the interesting people who work at Westside as they show you the shopping and leisure center from a different angle.

First up is Roger Moser, the branch manager of the Migros Bank.
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Max Lauper, Head of quality management Bernaqua.
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Philipp Keller, Head of JOWA Westside.
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