Westside is like a suburb that has evolved naturally. It is busy day and night. The facade of the large building is encased in Robinia wood, which harmonises the complex with the countryside opening up to the west. The right angles of the ground plan contrast with the inclined walls of the building. The crystal blocks that form vertical platforms in the shopping centre, break through the right-angled system of the building like massive rocks and bathe the interior with daylight. Statements on Westside by the architect, Daniel Libeskind:

There's nothing like this anywhere else in the world. This seamless coexistence of shopping centre, senior citizens' residence, hotel and leisure facilities in harmony with nature, the new Brünnen residential superstructure and buildings in the old part of Bern close by is unique. Westside is an urban marketplace and a stimulating entertainment destination with international flair.

Westside is much more than merely the hulk of a shopping centre. It is a living space. People feel at ease here and enjoy themselves. That was my vision. Everyday things like shopping have taken on a whole new quality and Westside is a great place to chill out.

Westside is undoubtedly cast in a striking mould. That was also the intention - trends and fashions should be able to change without the physical form of the location being constrained to adjust to them. Westside complements the existing urban structure and creates a new architectural landmark, a gateway from the west to Bern. It is consciously designed as a counterpoint and forms an excellent complement to the wonderful old town of Bern.